We offer a whole host of services for your vehicle including ECU Remapping, Gearbox Tuning, DPF Removal, EGR Removal, DSG Tuning, Swirl Flap Removal, Speed Limiter Removal, AdBlue Removal, Lambda Delete / O2 Off, Fault Code Delete, Start / Stop Disable. We can also supply and fit a huge range of Performance Parts.

Our remapping service starts from £299 but please contact us for an accurate quote as it will depend on your vehicle make and model.

If you want to get the very best performance from your vehicle, you’ll need to have it tuned to your specific requirements. While our list of tuning options is quite comprehensive, it is not entirely exhaustive. If you need a procedure completing and don’t see it on the list, please get in touch and where possible we will provide a quote for completing the work for you.

Vehicle engines are often limited by the manufacturer to perform in a particular manner, and this is not always to the greatest benefit of the driver. Our services help improve engine performance, improve fuel economy and give you a much more pleasurable experience whilst driving.

Our Tuning Services

Performance parts – We can supply and fit a wide range of Performance Parts. Click here to find out more!

ECU Remapping – tuning your engine to get the best performance tailored to you

DPF Removal – a clogged DPF (or DPF with a failing sensor) can lower performance

EGR Removal – improving performance by modifying recirculated exhaust gases

DSG Tuning / Remapping – enabling a more powerful and efficient driving experience from one of the top gearboxes on the market. Tuned to your driving style rather than a factory test.

Swirl Flap Removal – making the fuel-air mix better when driving at lower speeds

Speed Limiter Removal – speed limiters can be applied to vehicles in the factory or later on in their life by a third party. Companies such as BMW and Mercedes have an unwritten agreement that leads them to include limiters in the factory giving a maximum speed of 155mph. We can adjust the ECU data to remove this limitation from most vehicles

AdBlue Removal – removing an additive to the exhaust system which can decrease traction in colder weather

Lambda Delete / O2 Off – improving the performance of the oxygen sensor within your engine

Popcorn Limiter – changing the way a diesel engine behaves and sounds at the RPM limit

Start / Stop Disable – to prevent the vehicle from auto start/stop, providing a smoother driving experience

Fault Code / DTC Delete – modifying a vehicle by removing or altering components such as EGR valves, MAF sensors, and so on, can result in an error code being generated by the engine management system. This can leave the vehicle in limp mode and cause lights on the dash to be illuminated. Permanently removing fault codes by modifying the ECU data will prevent this situation arising